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The Art of Airbrushed Stencils.

Airbrush stencils are the most popular kind of stencil that we offer. It's because of our extensive collection of tattoos and vibrant colors. We have small finger tattoos and we have huge back and leg tattoos. Our tattoos are laser cut for razor and sharpness to give the most realistic tattoo look and feel!


You have the option of choosing between waterbased paints or waterproofed paints.  Waterbased tattoo paints will come off when they get wet with water.  Waterproof tattoo paints will last up to 5 days on the skin.


Once we arrive everyone can choose a tattoo from over 350 stencils of all shapes, styles and sizes. There's a tattoo for everyone.  We paint up to 35 airbrush tattoos per hour our and our price is $145 an hour.

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