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Basketballs and Water Bottles

Feast your eyes on.....personalized basketballs. These are size 7 standard basketballs. Yes, these basketballs can be played in a real basketball game!  They are bouncy basketballs with a twist, names and designs placed on the basketballs. It's really a beautiful artistic one of a kind basketball because It stands out. And when you take your basketball out to play with your team, everyone will know who this ball belongs to.


Our basketballs range in price from $3.95 up to $9.95 and you choose the quality and quantity of balls you want from us.


You will see that one artist can paint up to 25 balls per hour.

If you are part of a basketball team for your school or any other organization, yes, we do custom orders for the whole entire basketball squad or league. 


Just give us a call and we will set everything up.

If you looking for something really different for your next event, well, we have it, it's painted water bottles.

We carry a variety of water bottles for you to choose from - plastic and stainless steel bottles. 


We carry the exact style that you're looking for. The price also ranges depending on your style and how many ounces you want the water bottle to be. The prices range from $2.95 up to, $8.95. If in fact you are a gracious enough to hire us to work at your event, we can paint approximately 15 to 30 water bottles per hour. We also do custom water bottles for sports teams, organizations and social clubs.


Hand painted water bottles are great for anyone. You can't go wrong with a personalized water bottle!

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